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Friday 7th July 2006
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Spurs hooligan disallowed from World Cup
This is London
Friday 7th July 2006
By Kate Southern

A prolific Spurs football hooligan has been banned from all UK matches and ordered to pay 5,000 costs after he was caught heading to Germany suspected of plotting to cause violence at the World Cup.

John Meighan, 22, of Orchardson Street, St John's Wood, was stopped by officials at Stansted Airport trying to leave on a flight to Nice with his girlfriend.

Meighan was believed to have been travelling to France, before moving on to Germany to cause trouble among World Cup revellers.

He was hauled before Chelmsford Magistrates on Friday, where Sgt Simon Wilmott, of Haringey's Football Intelligence Unit, presented a dossier of evidence.

Using photographs and CCTV footage, more than 160 reports of Meighan's football thuggery in connection with his following of Spurs in recent years were presented to the Bench.

Magistrates slapped Meighan with a three-year banning order which prevents him from going within two miles of any regulated football match four hours before or after kick-off.

He is also banned from entering any UK town or city for games involving Tottenham Hotspur and Leyton Orient and was ordered to pay 5,000 costs.

Sgt Wilmott said: "Haringey Police will not wait for a conviction to target football hooligans.

"We are continuously gathering information and intelligence against persons who seek to become involved in disorder or those who align themselves to hooligan groups.

"This action also reassures real fans and makes people aware we are constantly working with Tottenham Hotspur towards ridding the club of fans who want to bring the club into disrepute."

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